Who is kehlani dating


Who Is Kehlani Dating

Who is Kehlani Dating?

Kehlani is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and dancer. With her soulful voice, passionate lyrics, and unique style, she has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. Alongside her musical success, people are often curious about her personal life, specifically who she is dating. In this article, we will dive into the dating history and current relationship status of Kehlani.

Previous Relationships

Over the years, Kehlani has been open about her relationships and has had a few high-profile romances. One of her first notable relationships was with PartyNextDoor, a Canadian singer, and producer. Their romance attracted significant attention, and they even collaborated on the song "Come See Me." However, their relationship didn't last, and they eventually parted ways.
After her split from PartyNextDoor, Kehlani started dating NBA player Kyrie Irving. Their relationship gained substantial media coverage, as they were quite vocal about their love for each other. Unfortunately, this relationship faced its own challenges, and they eventually broke up amid rumors and public controversies.

Current Relationship

As of [current year], Kehlani's current relationship status is not publicly confirmed. While she is active on social media platforms, she has managed to keep her dating life relatively private. It is essential to respect her privacy and remember that celebrities are entitled to their personal lives away from the spotlight.
Despite the lack of public information regarding Kehlani's love life, she remains focused on her music career, collaborating with various artists and releasing her own projects. It is evident that her dedication to her craft takes precedence over her romantic affairs.

How Kehlani Handles Her Relationships

Throughout her career, Kehlani has been open about her experiences in love and relationships through her music. She often uses her lyrics as a form of self-expression, discussing her own vulnerabilities, heartbreaks, and personal growth. Kehlani's candidness resonates with many fans who relate to her emotions and appreciate her honesty.
It is important to remember that artists, including Kehlani, have the right to keep their private lives separate from their public personas. While fans may be curious about Kehlani's dating life, understanding and respecting her boundaries is crucial. Privacy allows individuals to foster healthy relationships and maintain a sense of balance in their personal and professional lives.


In conclusion, the specifics of who Kehlani is currently dating remain a mystery. While she has had public relationships in the past, she has chosen to keep her love life more private. Kehlani focuses on her music career and continues to share her experiences through her heartfelt lyrics. It is important to show respect for her privacy and give her the space she needs to nurture her personal life. Ultimately, Kehlani's fans can continue to support her musical journey while remaining curious about who she might share her heart with in the future.