Who is nene leakes dating


Who Is Nene Leakes Dating

Who is NeNe Leakes Dating?

NeNe Leakes, the famous reality television personality, actress, and author, has always been in the limelight for her relationships. With her larger-than-life personality, she has captured the attention of many fans eager to know about her personal life. So, who is NeNe Leakes dating now? Let's get into the details and find out.

A Look into NeNe Leakes' Dating History

NeNe Leakes gained immense popularity as a cast member on the reality show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Throughout her time on the show, she has been open about her personal life, including her relationships. Over the years, NeNe has been married twice, and each marriage brought its own challenges and triumphs.

Gregg Leakes: First Love and Lasting Connection

NeNe Leakes' first husband, Gregg Leakes, played a significant role in her life. The couple got married in 1997 and had a son, Brentt, together. However, their relationship went through several ups and downs, resulting in divorce in 2011. Despite the separation, the couple remained connected, occasionally sparking rumors of a potential reconciliation.

In 2013, NeNe and Gregg decided to give their relationship another chance and remarried. Their reunion was documented on the hit reality show, captivating viewers with their love story. Unfortunately, their journey was not without challenges, as Gregg was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. The couple demonstrated their unwavering support for each other during this difficult time, becoming an inspiration for viewers and fans.

Exploring NeNe Leakes' Current Relationship Status

As of now, NeNe Leakes is no longer together with Gregg Leakes. In September 2020, NeNe announced on her social media accounts that their marriage had come to an end. Although it was a sad revelation for many fans, NeNe has been open about the challenges they faced and the difficult decision they made to part ways.

Since the divorce, fans have been eagerly wondering who NeNe Leakes is dating. However, as of this moment, NeNe has not publicly disclosed any new romantic relationship. It seems that she is currently focused on herself, her career, and her family.

NeNe Leakes and the Importance of Self-Love

After going through the highs and lows of two marriages, NeNe Leakes has emphasized the significance of self-love and personal growth. In interviews and social media posts, she has encouraged her followers to prioritize their own well-being and to be open to new opportunities.

NeNe has been using her time post-divorce to focus on her professional life. She has appeared as a guest on numerous talk shows and has launched her own fashion line. Additionally, she continues to stay connected with her fans through social media, sharing updates about her life and promoting self-empowerment.

Speculations and Future Prospects

As a public figure, NeNe Leakes has always generated speculation about her love life. Consequently, rumors of her dating life have circulated in the media and among her fans. However, it is crucial to understand that until NeNe herself confirms a new relationship, these rumors remain mere speculation.

NeNe's fans eagerly await updates and news regarding her romantic life and are always curious to know if she will find love again. Nevertheless, it is equally important to respect her privacy and give her the space she needs to navigate her personal journey.


NeNe Leakes, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has had her fair share of relationships, with her tumultuous yet enduring marriage to Gregg Leakes being the most well-known. As of now, NeNe has not announced any new romantic involvement, opting to focus on her own personal growth and career aspirations.

Although the questions surrounding who NeNe Leakes is dating continue to intrigue fans, respecting her privacy and supporting her journey of self-discovery is of utmost importance. As NeNe moves forward, her fans remain excited to see her flourish personally and professionally, eagerly anticipating her next chapter.